Artist Statement

My work is inspired by my love of the lie of the landscape, its contours, its endless combination of colour and shape or geometric form, the contrast of rock and sand, water and cloud, simple elements of varied properties that result in a Spirit of Place – apart from place as sentimental reminder of “I’ve been there” or “That’s where we holidayed last year”. My works are rather a distillation of the experience of the visual. The series Dams Waterholes and Billabongs exhibited in New York in 2014 convey this.

A further dimension to my work is my acknowledgement of the importance of these elements for our survival. Many bodies of works make reference to this, going back to Case of Conscience exhibited at the Bondi Pavilion in conjunction with the Wilderness Society in 1993, Wetland Works exhibited at Portland Bay Press, Portland, Victoria and recently, 2006, in the Lismore Regional Gallery. A body of work, Spaces that Come and Go refers to the transience of our natural environment, change instigated by man or by nature, threatening its stability and sustainability.

I make strong pieces with a deeply felt love of space and light. I work on a scale which draws the viewer into the picture plane. My compositions are often minimal, using simplified forms, and a lyrical voice.