Dams, Waterholes and Billabongs

The pieces in this body of work represent Jay’s usual genre of landscape inspired paintings focusing in particular on land locked bodies of water known as:

DAMS: (In Australia) a man made artificial pond to provide water for stock.

WATERHOLES: A depression in the ground where water can collect.

BILLABONGS: A stream bed filled with water only in the rainy season.

The challenge for the artist, as in all her works, is using the traditional media of paint and canvas to say something visually unique about her time in space.
This series brings to consciousness life beyond the here and now, ponds and pools reflecting a different reality seen through a portal.

The following quote is from the catalogue The Visual Journeys of Jay Pearse by John Austin an art critic based in Manhattan:

“What becomes abundantly clear in looking at Jay Pearse”s artworks. is the artists indispensable capacity to attain a certain emotional involvement. This includes attempts at defining a sense of visual memory and of the self. Resisting completely sentimentalising components in her work for the benefit of enlarging the scope of her authenticating journey into creativity, Jay Pearse’s abstract landscapes grapple with divided loyalties. Stylistically speaking. Andre Gide’s dictum “the struggle between classicism and romanticism takes place within every mind…..” also helps us to understand the artist’s keen gamesmanship. The forces of positive ambiguity surge through the artist’s work; the result is visual traces of integrative wholeness that are nothing short of inspiring and nothing less that beautiful to behold.”